We hope you enjoyed the 2021 Virtual WUMFA Annual Convention! You can watch the presentations from some of our industries finest by clicking on the agenda item below. You can also visit our exhibitors virtual trade show booths.


  • Welcome / Opening Remarks
    Rod Crittenden
    Tami Gasch


    We look forward to having you join us at this informative and lively discussion of the “State of the Industry” with some of our leading Wisconsin retailers. Tami Gasch from Brilliont Blooms will be the commentator. Other panel members will include Nichole Campbell of Petal Pushers, Debbie Freeberg from Bev’s Floral, Rhonda Deaver from Snapdragon Floral and Diane Schulte form Metcalfe’s Flowers. Tami will also take questions and answers from the audience some come prepared with topics you may want to discuss.

    Tami Gasch

  • MAIN STAGE DESIGN SHOW / Design in Designs
    Sponsored by: FTD

    In the floral industry today, it is important to sell customer service and talent. This is what sets you apart from the rest of the “flower peddlers” in your market. In this program, Randy focuses on bringing “design and talent” back into your everyday designs. By just adding small but interesting techniques, you can put the design back in your designs to make them stand out from the crowd!

    Randy Wooten AIFD, GMF, PFCI

  • BUSINESS SESSION / Untangling the Web
    Sponsored by: Brilliont Blooms

    Just what is ‘digital’? The internet offers a plethora of options to reach customers and most small businesses can’t possibly do them all. How could you use digital? How should you use digital and social media to bring a return on your investment of time and money? Learn the latest tactics and get proven ideas that will work for your business.

    Elly Heuring

  • Annual Meeting

    Paul Grulke
    Tami Gasch

  • MAIN STAGE DESIGN SHOW / Say “I Do” ….Say “Cheese”….   Say “Wow!”
    Sponsored by Teleflora

    During this program, Tim Farrell AIFD AAF, PFCI will speak about today’s ever changing wedding business and how we can recapture larger budgets for florals during this time.  Simple and easy mechanics will be shared to create those “Instagram-able” spots so that newly married couples and their guests can capture those perfect photo ops for pictures that will be cherished for a lifetime!

    Tim Farrell AAF, AIFD, PFCI


    We look forward to having you join us at this informative and lively discussion of the “State of the Industry” with some of our leading Wisconsin wholesalers. Gregg Wilke of Karthauser & Sons will lead the conversation. Other panelist will include Anthony Rojahn of Rojahn Malaney & Company, Matt Reep from Bill Doran in Green Bay, Seth Fochs from Krueger Wholesale Florist, Trista Bauer, Kennicott Milwaukee and Pat Galligher from DWF Milwaukee. Gregg will also take questions and answers from the audience.0

    Gregg Wilke

  • BUSINESS SESSION / COVID: Lessons Learned
    Sponsored by: Crockett & Myers and Associates

    When COVID first hit home in early March of 2020 most Florist braced for the worst, but it turned out that will some planning, some strategic marketing, and some costs cutting, many florists have made 2020 one of their most profitable years. During this session we will look at many of the strategic steps that were taken and how we can apply them going forward to make the future even brighter.

    Derrick Myers, CPA, CFP, PFCI

  • MAIN STAGE DESIGN SHOW / Remember When…Floral Art Presentation
    Sponsored by WFF

    Take a journey back to when daytime game shows were the fabric of our lives. Experience memories from a time when we lived vicariously through game show contestants and winning it big on the small screen. Through the magic of flowers, let us travel together to a place where dreams where made, even if only make-believe.

    Julia Schmitt AIFD, ICPF, EMC, PFCI